Whole New World

My first experience with a manual camera for black and white photos was my first class in Photo Practices. On the first day, we were given cameras and shown how to set your exposure, aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

Finding the right shot, making sure the camera was focused and had the correct exposure, was tedious process I really enjoyed. Since each film only provides 36 shots, I was very selective with what I took photos. Although that is good habit to have with film cameras, I didn’t finish my film before we got back to class and had to rewind my film back up.

While taking photos, I looked for different patterns, leading lines and angles. I also had a camera with a zoom lens, which I liked.

The following two classes we moved to the dark room and learned how to unload and developed the film and learned to make contact sheets.


First I made three test strips. The first one I made in 2 second increments and went up to 18 seconds (second strip in photo above). The next strip should have started with an 10 second exposure and builded up in 2 second increments, but there wasn’t much a difference leading me to believe I made a mistake and didn’t exposure the strip for the initial 10 seconds. The last trip was then made correctly with the initial 10 seconds and then builded up in 2 second increments up to 18 seconds (last strip in the photo above).

For my contact sheet, it was decided to expose the film for an total of 16 seconds.


Looking at my contact sheet, I think I did pretty well with my exposure. Overall I really enjoyed the process of taking photos and developing my film and contact sheets.



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