New Found Love

For my second film, I took a camera along with me during an overnight weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland. Putting the film into the camera without any help was very nerve recking and I wasn’t sure if I did it correctly.

I enjoyed taking photos once again and took my time. After developing the film, I made two testing strips. The first one in 2 second increments up to 12 seconds, which wasn’t dark enough. For the second strip, I started it with an 12 second exposure and an 2 second increment builded up. The strip went up to about 22 seconds.

For my first print, I had some trouble lining up my film in the device so my first test strip (vertically) didn’t line up with the top and bottom of the picture correctly. For my first test strip I started with 2 second increments and went up to 12 seconds but found the photo too light. After making the second test strip (once again with an 12 second exposure and an 2 second increment builded up), we decided we couldn’t really tell how the photo would look because of all the natural lighting in the photo. Since 16 seconds worked on the contact sheet, we decided go ahead and make a full shot with an 16 second exposure. The photo came out good, but that is when we notice that a bit of the sides were cut off and that the middle of the photo could use some more exposure to really give it some definition.

After some help, I was able to fit the whole photo correctly and after exposing the shot for 16 seconds, I burned the image by cupping my hand around the center only for another 2 seconds.

For my next photo I made two more test strips, but I also had the same problem where only a full shot would be able to tell you what worked or didn’t work. Once again I exposed the shot for a total of 16 seconds but the photo was still too dark. My next class, I continued to work on the photo to make some parts of the print lighter and some parts darker. It was very tricky and I used up to four prints in order to have different light variations.  


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