Almost The End

Although I only needed one more film for this project, I decided to take some more photos since I would be traveling. I ended up using four more films; one in Barcelona, another in Rome, Florence and Venice. However after developing the photos, I learned that my negatives for Rome didn’t show on the neg at all.

The first composition sheet I made was for my Barcelona photos. The photos had a wide rang of exposures because I needed to work with the shutter speed more, but hadn’t master it yet at that point of my trip. For this composition sheet, I started off with a hiccup. My station was left with the specifications for printing single photos and had missing equipment, which caused me to make more testing strips then required.

Afterward, I got back into the motion and made a composition sheet for Florence and Venice quickly. My composition sheet for Florence also had a rang of exposures that were either too light or dark, but my sheet for Venice had a more consistent range of exposures.

I enjoyed taking a range of photos and I wasn’t too surprised that some of the exposures weren’t correct. Before taking a photo, I always made sure to turn the manual aperture scale until I got a positive reading. However, sometimes I didn’t get a positive reading at all, but decided to still take the photo. I figured I could fix those problems in the darkroom, but that was a mistake because it makes printing harder.

After I figured how to use the shutter speed to my advantage, I feel like I gained a better understanding on how to take a more successful photo. Putting in the film into the camera became easier throughout my trip, but I had trouble removing the film from the camera.


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