Artist Inspiration

To look for some artist inspiration, I decided to look through the textbook ‘Magnum Contact Sheets’ edited by Kristen Lubben. In the book, first I saw some photos from George Rodger from 1940 in Coventry, England. His photos were called ‘The Blitz’; the Blitz contact sheet covered a key moment in the bombing of Britain .

George Rodger, The Blitz

I like the photo because of the mysteriousness of it. Your eyes jump around the photo; my eyes first start at the bottom right of the photo and zig-zag through the photo left to right. Another aspect I really like is the mist flowing around.

Another artist I liked is Herbert List and his ‘Plaster Casts at the Academy.’ List explored the “skeletons of neoclassical buildings, such as the art academy, the Glyptothek and Pinakothek museums and the state opera house.”

Herbert List, Plaster Casts at the Academy

What first drew to me the photo was the topic. It saddens me to see art work destroyed. I also like the composition of the photo. Everything is in the center but the ruble around it didn’t leave the other spaces empty. The statue also looks haunting with the door in the background.

Muhammad Ali
Thomas Hoepker, Muhammad Ali

Lastly, I liked the photos of Muhammad Ali by Thomas Hoepker. I really like the photo above because the image focus on Ali’s hand, which is also fitting because he is a boxer. The image is simple but tells you something about the subject.


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