After Some Reflection…

I really enjoyed my first project for Photography Practices. I learned a skill I’ve always hoped to learn.

I’ve take photography classes before and learned a whole bunch of terms like shutter speed, ISO, Aperture, etc. but I didn’t fully understood what those tools could do for me. Now that I’ve learned how to use a manual camera, I feel like I’ve come to understand how they can benefit me.  For some reason, one problem I had was removing the film out of the camera. I was never sure if I did it correctly and if I should open the camera to collect my film. Also every time I returned to the dark room, it felt like I had to go thought a period of adjustment. I would forget rules and make mistakes before I got into the motion of printing test strips and photos.

For this assignment, the final six prints I’ve choose is:

While I take photos, I am usually looking for different textures and angles. For my top left photo (Walking in Venice), I really like the repetition of the arch ways and the windows. I also like the gloss on the floor from the rain and my friend and sister walking by it. The photo has a fog on it that is probably a mistake on the negative, but I think it works for the image.

To the right of the image (Giambologna – Oceano) is of a statue I saw in the Bargello National Museum in Florence. I choose this image because the angle came out exactly how I wanted it to. Completely different. The shadows and light hits the statue in a whole bunch of different spots, which really brings out the shapes.

Underneath that is an image of Michelangelo’s David. I choose that image because I liked the texture of the dome in the background and how he is off centered. The image almost looks like a real human being if you just focus on the shadows on the chest. To the left is another image of the statue but from behind. I really liked this photo because of the light provided from the dome on the ceiling. The arches also provide a lot of shapes and the body is just one huge shadow.

Back to the right, the image in the center is of Piazza San Marco’s Palazzo Ducale in Venice. I really liked this photo because of the repetition and texture of the image. Lastly, is the image of some buildings and a maze from the bird’s eye view in Venice. I really like this image because of the angle of it and the shapes from the maze.

I’m really interested in what others think of my photos, so please comment below!



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