Who are you?

For my final assignment for Photography Practices, I teamed up with a friend, Becca, who is also taking the same class and is a international student. The assignment “Who are you?” is a project focused on identity using portraits.


To find some artist inspiration I looked into a few artists.

One photographer whose work I really admire is Jane Bown (photos above). The way the light falls on the photo of Anthony Blunt, the laugh of Mick Jagger and Sir John Betjeman. All the photos feel as if they are telling a story; showing a glimpse of the subjects personality.

The top two photos bellow from Philippe Halsman also stood out to me. The signature sassy look on the face of Marylin Moore and the kooky upturn mustache and crazy eyes of the man.

Above is two photos by Herb Ritts that I particularly like. The attitude in the face of Madonna and of course Johnny Depp portraying the character Edward Scissorhands. He only has his scissor fingers but his clothes also tells a story, and Depp stares into the camera with wide eyes.

Lastly, Angus McBean is a photographer that first interested me because of his photos of Audrey Hepburn. However, while looking at his work his photo of Marika Rivera (below) also caught my attention because of her facial expression. Finally, the women looking through strong ballerina legs. One can presume from the image the women could either be a teacher or an ballerina herself.


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