Lights, Camera…


Since Becca and I were leaving after classes ended for the break, we didn’t have much time. In class, we learned how to use the studio’s the university had to offer. We learned how to wheeled down the backgrounds and move around the different lights with either barn doors or softboxes to get the lighting we desired. We also learned how to use equipment like reflectors to bounce or diffuse light.

To prepare for the shoot, I thought about what I learned in class and the photographers whose work I looked at, in order to decide how I would represent Becca’s identity in my photos. After spending the past few months with her, I decided to represent what screamed “Becca” to me—personally. As a coffee enthusiast and extreme mug lover, Becca brought numerous coffee mugs from every country she visited. She would return from England with 20 plus coffee mugs all for herself. Besides her obsession with mugs, Becca would also return from her travels with a few scarfs from Italy, Ireland, Pairs and Budapest.

Lastly, her strong work ethic and all the laughs we shared, is what I would try to captured during the photo shoot.

Since we were each other’s subject, we took turns during the shoot taking photos. At first we were unsure of what we were really doing. During class time, we were shown how to use the larger studio with more equipment, but for our shoot we took our photos in the smaller studio which didn’t have the same amount of equipment. After almost giving up because the lights wouldn’t go off, we got the flash to work and took tons of photos.

As the hours past, we had fun trying to take as many photos as possible!

During our shoot, we used a black background, a tall light with a softbox and two lights on stands with barn doors. We moved the lights around as we took photos with different light variations and from different angles. Laying on the floor, standing atop of a chair, etc.

Below are the unedited photos I took durning the shoot…

I would love to hear what any one reading this thinks of my photos, so please comment below!


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