Three Times the Charm

For my three final photos, I would be submitting, I wanted each image to fit the different ideas I had to represent Becca’s identity.

Above is my first image—I took the image while Becca was fixing her scarf between shots. As I mentioned in the previous blog, Becca brought a few scarfs in her travels. This one in particular, she got in France. I choose this image because it almost looks posed but if you look close enough, there is a slight movement of her left hand and the tassels on the scarf shifting in the air. I also like how her head is titled downwards—looking at the scarf. I felt like the image showed how she cares for her scarf.

To edit the photo, I worked on the tone, color and contrast on Photoshop. I really wanted to remove the glare of the light on the left side of the image, but wasn’t able to figure it out. I tried using the clone stamp tool to match the left side to the right side and I also tried to use the lasso tool to grab a copy of the right side and paste it on a different layer, but I didn’t like how any of my attempts turned out.

My next image (above) is one of my favorites. I remember having my most fun taking photos of Becca with her mugs. I took a few close shots of her holding single mugs and some others of her sitting down with the mugs around her (reference the photos from the previous blog).

For this one in particular, I remember lying flat on the ground and took the shot in an upward angle. I choose this image because of how genuinely happy she looks, the angle of the image and each of the mugs tell a story. One with a herd of sheep from Wales, another with England’s infamous red top bus and other with the Eiffel Tower. Once again I edited the tone, color and contrast on Photoshop.

For my last photo, I picked the one above of her laughing. This photo was also a happy mistake. While we took photos, we joked around and made each other laugh. This photo I quickly snapped while we shared a laugh. I choose this image because of her genuine laughing face and how the shadows landed on her face—highlighting her features and hair. After editing the image’s tone, color and contrast on Photoshop, I felt like it brightened her face and made stronger shadows which I liked.

Reflecting on this assignment, I think our first assignment with the manual camera really help me with my digital work. I felt more comfortable to play around with the lights, settings and angles. It was also a very interesting experience being able to use an actual photography studio. There is obviously a difference between my edited images that I think worked well, but I know there is tons I can learn when it comes to that aspect of photography.  Which I plan to continue to work on…

I’d love to hear what people think of my final three images and edits, so please comment below!


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